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If you don't know where you are going better know where you are coming from. The most dangerous place to be is the middle of the road. Although, you can slip and fall but always fall and stand. A person who asks questions will never lose his way or plan.
Fly when you can but if you cannot fly, you run, and if you cannot run, you walk, and if you cannot walk, you crawl but don't just be stagnant.
Please, don't be deceived, don't let friends deterrent you, choose what is good. Sit, think and plan before taking decisions. Never be disappointed or lose hope. If you can do this no one will mock or laugh at you. Mind you, you are not born a failure so, you should always try again.
Remember, greatness is for those who fall and rise again.
Words of wisdom
1. Yesterday is a cancelled cheque, tomorrow is a promising note, today is the only cash you have so, spend it wisely.

2. Never admit your failure until you have make your last attempt. Never make your last attempts until you have succeeded.

3. He who lives by prayer lives by armour and he who lives without prayer lives without protection.

4. Where you are going is not moving; it is you that need to move to get to your future.

5. Discipline is a word that cultivates better productivity, use it sparingly on others but heavily on yourself.

6. Everybody has the key to success but most people can't find the door. One can only find and get through the door by working, toiling and praying.

7. A best friend is mostly known when obstacles come in one's way.

8. Nothing good ever comes from violence, we seek peace having known that peace is the climate of freedom.

9. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moment of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times of challenges.

10. Greatness is not measured by what a man has accomplished but by the opposition he has overcome to reach his goal.
Sometimes, we think the people around us are the cause of our predicament but fail to realize that we are the real cause of our predicament. Come to think of it, it's whatever you sow that you shall reap.

A lot of us are complaining that the world is not safe but have we ever found time to ask ourselves why it is so? Some people are very good at pointing out other people's fault but ignore to point out their own fault as well. If the heart of human beings could be opened, we would discover that a lot of us do not love our neighbours as ourselves. A lot of us want to remain on top forever and prevent other people from catching up with us. We prefer other people to serve us forever but we are not ready to serve them. We are delighted when we see that the people around us are not as rich as we are but become sad when we realize that they are richer than we are.

Some people wish their fellow human being death so that they can inherit his properties. They want to reap where they do not sow. In some companies, some staff plan to eliminate their colleagues who are above them, so that they can take over their position. In many families and many homes, there's no love. Now tell me, how can we see peace in the world when we are not ready to live peacefully with our fellow human beings.

To make the world a better place to be, it starts from you(as an individual). It is when we begin to have true love towards one another that the world will find peace. As long as we keep malice with our fellow human beings, we cannot live peacefully with one another and this will not let us grow as a nation. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall.
Sometime ago, there was a story which came out in the press and in the media that Marion Jones(A famous American Athlete) took drug in
the Sydney 2000 Olympic games so as to boost her morale in the competition. Before the story came out, she was highly respected and people were worshipping her like God because of her outstanding performance in athletics. She won so many medals that people began to see her as one of the great athletes ever produced in America. But as fate would have it, her secret was exposed when an allegation was raised against her that she took drug in the olympic games that was why she took first in most of the competitions. At first, she denied it but later confessed that she was guilty of the offence. In the end, she was banned from the game of athletics. Not only that, she was stripped of the medals she had won in the olympic games and was sent to jail.
Really, all these calamities wouldn't have befallen Marion Jones if she had taken the right step not to involve in drugs. But due to her weakness in resisting bad counsel, she succumbed to the wrong advice given to her, which brought her into this mess.
The story of Marion Jones should serve as a lesson to any serious youth who wants his life to turn out the way he has planned. I think youths
should understand this that "you cannot eat your cake and have it." You cannot be doing the wrong thing and still expect the best. It's the way you appear before a mirror that you will see yourself. So, I'm imploring all youths to start thinking of laying a good foundation for their future. Be cautious of the kind of people you move it, the kind of decision you make and the steps you take. Only move with the right people, take the right step and do the right thing at the right time. Remember, it's the way you lay your bed that you will find it.
Imagine a man who rushed to catch a plane, but was delayed and missed the flight. Later that day, he heard the news - the plane had crashed. Everyone on board was killed.
From time to time, we hear reports about individuals narrowly escaping death. And people say, "It was not their time to die." If someone was killed, they say, "His time had come." Some believe that from the moment a person is born, his fate is predetermined by some providential laws. Others believe that bad deeds in a previous life are punished in this life and good deeds in a previous life are rewarded in the next. Such believers in fate think that by doing good and by observing certain religious rites, they can alter their fate. But do these ideas really make sense?
Have you ever thought why some people are rich and why some are poor? Have you ever thought why some businesses prosper and why some do not? Have you ever thought why some students always make distinction in their exams and why some do not? The truth of the matter is, it's not everything that happens to one in life that is caused by fate. Mind you, God does not create anybody to suffer. He has good plans for all of us. However, some people's destiny was altered by some invisible power of darkness. On the contrary, some caused their change of destiny through their talk, step or deed. Sadly enough, such people often accept it as fate when calamities befall them and as a result, they live the rest of their lives in agony and sorrow.
Despite the fact that there are some events in our lives that are caused by fate, we can change or improve our condition if we are not pleased with it. The reason why some of us accept bad luck as fate is simply because we don't know our right. As human beings, we should know our right and be able to challenge God through prayers when we are not satisfied with our condition. God is not partial, he only listens to those that call upon his name. So, you should not accept everything that happens to you in life as fate but always have the thought that you can make good things happen out of every bad situation.