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                                                     POEM: Who am I?


                            I am your constant companion

               I am your greatest helper or your heaviest burden

             I will push you onward or drag you down to failure
                  I am completely at your command
             Half the things you do,you might just as well turn over me
                 And I will be able to do them quickly and correctly.
               I am easily managed;you must merely be firm with me.
               Show me exactly how you want something done
              And after a few lessons I will do it automatically
             I am the servant of all great men and, alas,of all failures as well
                    Those who are great, I have made great
                    Those who are failures,I have made failure.
              I am not a machine though I work with all the precision
                  of a machine plus the intelligence of a man.
                You may run me for profit,or run me for ruin
                       It makes no diffrence to me.
               Take me,train me,love me and be firm with me.
                  And I will put the world at your feet
                    Be easy with me,and I will destroy you.
                              WHO AM I?
                               I AM HABIT





 POEM: I'm proud of my colour.


If I opportune to come back to the world,
I wish I were created black
cos there's beauty in being black.
Eventhough, many people see black as being dirty,
I see it as beauty,
which other colours cannot withstand.
I won't join people in saying bad about my colour,
and I won't sell it for any amount,
cos it's so precious to me.
I don't care what  people may say,
but as long as I live,
I will continue to remain black.
I'm proud to be an African,
I'm proud to be a Nigerian,
I'm proud to be black,
I'm proud of my colour.

POEM: The Rapture day

 A day is coming,
which is not yet known to the world,
and even to the angels in heaven.
It is a day that will shake the world,
causing people to terrify.
Such day has never happened in the history of the world,
But it's gonna be a great day.
A day of joy for some people,
who are regarded as the friends of God.
And a day of sorrow,
for people who did not keep God's commandments.
How would that day be?
The day where we will all see Jesus in the sky,
coming to take His beloved home,
It's the rapture day.
Are you prepared for that day?
Jesus is coming soon.


POEM: Crisis
I imagine a world that is problem-free,
And I haven't seen any.
Rather, what I saw is crisis everywhere.
There is political crisis,
There is religious crisis,
There is racial crisis,
There is family crisis,
There is regional crisis,
There is community crisis,
There is national crisis,
There is world crisis.
It makes no difference considering
the magnitude of these crisis,
crisis is crisis.
But we can do one thing to stop crisis,
That is when we love one another without discrimination.